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All of our laser technicians are licensed and certified, which although not required by Colorado, helps our clients rest assured knowing they are receiving treatment from highly-trained professionals. We look forward to meeting you and helping you look your best. 

Please call us today to schedule your complimentary consultation!  If you are interested in any of the laser hair removal or skin care services offered at BARELaser, call us at 720.626.0267

We serve clients from all over Colorado in our neighborhood location in the heart of Wheat Ridge - just east of Denver's trendy & chic neighborhoods of Highlands, LoDo, and Berkeley. Our centrally located Denver medical spa serves the Denver Metro area including Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, Golden, Arvada, and Westminster.

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Testimonials & Reviews of BARELaser Wheat Ridge

"BARELaser is a Wheat Ridge Treasured Find!"

"A treasured find" - Wendy

I just had a CO2 procedure done on my face a few weeks ago at BareLaser and I'm very pleased with the results so far! I feel and look like I just came back from vacation-refreshed! And I'm excited to see even more improvements as more time goes by! Pam is exceptional to work with! She is very knowledgeable, professional and she is very good about returning your calls or emails with any questions you might have. I would highly recommend her for any laser procedure!

"Professional, Caring & Amazing Customer Service!"  - DanaD
​I have sever foot pain due to neuropathy, and have tried everything from herbal medicine to pain pills, nothing worked. When I was first told about the power of LED lighting I was not a believer but from my first consultation with Pam to my now weekly treatments.  I have been truly amazed and my feet have been transformed! The power of this advanced technology that only BARELaser has should make everyone second guess who they choose for treatments from hair removal, looking younger or like in my case for relief. I will not go anywhere else.

"Never thought I'd try Botox"

I have to say that I'm extremely happy that I did.  The clinic is a very friendly and professional place.  I injected between my brows And I don't look grumpy anymore!   Pam the owner runs an A-1 clinic.  I also had the CO2 laser on my face and I'm over the moon with the results.  Give Pam and her clinic a try, you'll be glad you did.


"This is such a find"  - KathleenK
Pam professionalism is second to none. The machine she uses for laser hair removal is state of the art straight from Italy. There is no way you will find this type of service at this price anywhere in the Denver area.  SIMPLY NO WAY!

"I love, love, love my results! "

Pam at BARELaser took very particular care of me during and after my laser skin facial. She explained the procedure in detail and I was very comfortable at the clinic. Pam's customer service and care are wonderful Give this a try because looking good is always a good thing.

"I LOVE BareLaser!!!!" 

I started out after a Groupon ad for Botox and have been back several other times (never thought I'd spend the $ repeatedly and even if I liked it would've thought I'd "shop" whatever place gave the best deal)----not so!  Pam, the owner and her team are gems.  I also had a broken blood vessel on my cheek from my swim goggles and Pam has zapped it several times to get it COMPLETELY gone (making me do it a 3rd time when I thought it was acceptable)---over and above what I've heard of other places doing for a customer with that sort of issue.  I'm just thrilled with them.  I've also purchased Latisse from them.  They've registered me for Allergen's benefit program to make sure that subsequent times I've come to them, I've saved money on my Botox----who does that!!???!!!! Thrilled to support them and feel SOSOSO supported by them!

"I'm regretful that I didn't come here first "

I've had a lot of people trying to up-sell me on procedures I am not exactly comfortable with, primarily because of the price point and honestly I bought another living social deal for a competitor for hair removal and I'm regretful that I didn't come here first before buying a pricey package from them. I would have much rather spent my hard earned money here and gotten the best service possible.

Pam doesn't pressure you at all!

She just takes care of your needs and ensures that the job is done right and if you want to learn about other procedures she will give you the information you need to make the best consumer decision possible.

"​I am very pleased"

I highly recommend Bare Laser  for any and all of your aesthetic needs!

Pam is a master!  

Laser on the face was not bad, great results, and the rejuvenation product I got afterward was fantastic.  Great location, GREAT pricing...she knows her stuff!

"BARELaser is such a find"  

Pam professionalism is second to none.  The machine she uses for laser hair removal is state of the art straight from Italy.  There is no way you will find this type of service at this price anywhere else in the Denver area.  Simply no way!!

"BARElaser was my birthday gift &  I love it so much!"

I have returned for all of my laser hair removal treatments. Pam is very thorough and works hard to make sure that you get the best results possible.  My first treatment with her was a full bikini which could certainly be an unpleasant experience in the wrong environment, but she really made me feel comfortable and at ease. The cold air also makes the procedure almost painless, which is a huge bonus in my book.  Received a LED photo facial. My skin feels so better and I received numerous complements. Thanks BareLaser!


"I have pretty toenails now! "- Happy Dancing Feet

I had toenail fungus since high school from dancing in point shoes and other damage to my nails on the left foot. I bought three treatments and had all three in the course of one year. After the first treatment I noticed a difference right away; after the 2nd treatment the fungus was almost all gone, and now after the 3rd you can hardly see any fungus at all. I am going to get a 4th treatment one year after I started my sessions, just to be 100% sure that I get it all. Listen and do everything they say and your toenails will make you smile every time you see them! I can't wait to wear open toe sandals again this summer! Pam at bare laser is the best, I couldn't be happier about my results!

"Fixed My Gross Toes"  - Bare Laser Fan

I came here on a Groupon for toenail laser services. I was late, and they were flexible and gracious and in 2/3 treatments my gross toes were fixed and they told me to get the third anyway just to be sure. I thought that was pretty honest of them. I am going to ask them about lasers for broken capillaries and tattoo removal on my next visit. Added bonus - the women who own it are really neat.


"Toenail Fungus Treatment Successful!" - Happy Customer

I've now had two laser treatments for toenail fungus that has plagued me for 20 years. I'm thrilled with the results! My toenails have cleared up amazingly well, and I can see that with another treatment and time for them to continuing growing out healthy, they will finally look 100% normal again. I couldn't believe the "before" photos when I had my recent 2nd laser treatment - I had forgotten just how awful my toenails looked prior to treatment. I've followed Pam's instructions to the letter as far as spraying vinegar on them and applying the Formula 3 liquid twice daily. I'm so happy to be able to wear sandals again without being embarrassed about my toenails!



"Spider vein face treatment :)"  - Sarah

I went to Pam for the spider vein treatment on my face; I was amazed! I didn't really know what to expect but she was so patient and explained everything. The little broken capillaries around my nose and on my cheeks were a huge issue for me and look so bright on my pale skin. Pam did the treatment (15 min!) and they were GONE. Not faded or reduced but completely gone. I'm so pleased, I can't believe I waited so long. It makes such a huge difference. Thank you!


"Awesome" - skichi 

Very pleasant service and experience. Truly competent and able to answer questions, offered more than the average, get more than just what is given over the telephone. Recommending to all my friends.


"FABULOUS!" by Jeanne

I went to Pam for laser hair removal. The procedure was virtually painless and so far, the majority of my hair has not returned! I want to go for the CO2 procedure next. The results I've seen of these are incredible! Thank you Pam!

I went to Pam at BareLaser for permanent hair removal. It's the best thing I have ever done. I had my legs and underarms done. It's fantastic. I went from shaving 2x a day to none after 6 sessions. I highly recommend having this procedure to anyone. The laser Pam uses is just about pain free, very little discomfort and the results -Unbelievable. Pam's expertise, professionalism, and friendliness is outstanding. Thank you soooo much!


"Pam is the BEST! " - Emoore 

I was extremely nervous about laser hair removal, but Pam made me feel completely at ease and it did NOT hurt! I swear, I can't even believe it myself. It was mildly uncomfortable, but the results were amazing. After just two treatments I can see progress and know by the time I am done I will be HAIR FREE! Thank you Pam and BareLaser!


"I highly recommend Barelaser!​"

My experience at Barelaser was great. Pam was super knowledgeable, professional and very pleasant.    The staff treated me as a friend and were very knowledgeable. The prices were some of the best I have seen.

"I will be referring people to Bare Laser"

It was a great experience. Pam was very warm and informative. She instilled confidence that the product will work as long as I am an active participant in the treatment. The facility was clean and attractive. 


"Thank you" MJ 

I will use it as my preferred place for Botox and fillers it is very professional and nice and personal 


"Cute shop in Wheat Ridge"

Beautifeul on the inside, with very friendly and personable ladies. I truly enjoyed meeting the team and indulging myself with their vast services.


"Excited for my next appointment!"

Staff is warm, inviting, extremely friendly and thorough. Make you feel very comfortable and at ease.  Thank you ladies at BARELaser!


"​I was overwhelmed by the service and result!" MM

This is the first time I have used a service like this and I was unsure of what to expect.  But now getting older I decided to take a chance.   Pam knows what she is doing and how to treat a customer.  The results exceeded my expectations and the overall experience was amazing.  Use this place if you are smart!