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All of our laser technicians are licensed and certified, which although not required by Colorado, helps our clients rest assured knowing they are receiving treatment from highly-trained professionals. We look forward to meeting you and helping you look your best.

Please call us today to schedule your complimentary consultation!  If you are interested in any of the laser hair removal or skin care services offered at BARELaser, call us at 720.626.0267

We serve clients from all over Colorado in our neighborhood location in the heart of Wheat Ridge - just east of Denver's trendy & chic neighborhoods of Highlands, LoDo, and Berkeley. Our centrally located Denver medical spa serves the Denver Metro area including Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, Golden, Arvada, and Westminster.

BARELaser Services

Our centrally located full service MedSpa serves all of Denver and the Denver metro area including Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, Golden, Arvada, and Westminster.

The staff at BARELaser is dedicated to helping those in the Denver metro area achieve aesthetic success by offering different types of hair removal and anti-aging treatments at an affordable cost, so people can look and feel their best.  As a small neighborhood medical spa, we are a proud Allergan Gold Diamond member, a member of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery which proves our determination to help individuals feel comfortable in their skin.

If you are interested in learning about our services, please read the following information:

  • LASER HAIR REMOVAL -  Are you tired of shaving every day to rid your body of unwanted hair? Laser hair removal is the latest in permanent hair removal technology. Every laser hair removal treatment is performed by one of our Physician Supervised Certified Laser Specialists.

  • BOTOX  -  Botox has been FDA approved to treat moderate to severe frown lines between eyebrows and crows feet since 2002.

  • JUVEDERM -  Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid used to reduce marionette and smile lines and increase lip volume.

  • VOLUMA -  Juvéderm® VOLUMA® replenishes lost skin volume to regain a youthful curve to the cheeks and can be used to enhance the overall shape of your face.

  • FRACTIONAL CO2 LASER THERAPY- The Matrix Fractional CO2 laser will enhance the skin’s strength and elasticity, create a smoother, tighter texture; and assist with diminishing pigmentation problems. This comprehensive aesthetic treatment will help you address a variety of skin issues and provide the latest in laser anti-aging; sunspot removal, wrinkle reductions, acne scar removal,  tightening and collagen remodeling.

  • SPIDER VEIN REDUCTION -  Using a combination of light and radio frequency, vascular lesions are sought out and shut down. Once a vein is coagulated, scar tissue forms and causes the vein to close. With time the lesion will be reabsorbed by the body resulting in a lessened appearance or disappearing completely.

  • THERMOLYSIS (ThermoLo) -  The Thermo-Lo can be applied precisely to the area that you want treated, whereas light therapy cannot be focused on small solar lentigines (sun spots) or telangiectasias (spider veins).   Thermolysis treats unwanted, distended capillaries and cherry angiomas. Heat delivered to the area will cauterize the blood supply of the capillary and form a scab that will heal in a timely manner post treatment.

  • TOENAIL FUNGUS REMOVAL - Toenail fungus begins on the nail but if left untreated, it can work its way under the nail and damage the nail and skin. The Toenail Fungus Laser treatment protocols for removing toenail fungus is proven effective.

  • DermaMedics Professional Products - DermaMedics has two unique skincare lines.  The ANTI-AGE line is specially designed to combat the five major signs of aging, working to synergistically create a more youthful appearance.  The RELIEF line is specifically formulated to effectively improve the look and feel of skin that has been damaged by age and long-term exposure to environmental factors.

  • Tetra Toenail Anti-Fungal Products - Tetra provides a complete line of anti-fungal skincare products designed to help people address the difficulties of treating tinea pedis (Athletes Foot) and Onychomycosis (toenail fungus).

Aesthetic Lasers

Our clients have high expectations for only the best, so we partnered with the leading aesthetic laser company in the market today - Quanta USA.  

Who uses Quanta?  The industry uses Quanta!!  

Why Quanta? They design & produce there own lasers!!

That's why we selected the international leader in the laser aesthetic market and invested in the best for our clients. Laser hair removal has never been so easy or technically advanced.  Our Quanta Light A Star is based on the combination of different laser sources; the Alexandrite (755 nm) and Nd:Yag (1320 nm, 1064 nm and 532 nm). This gives our staff the widest available options in treating all skin types.   We didn't stop there, Fractional CO2 Laser treatments also require the worlds best technology.  We reviewed the leading solutions on the market and you guessed it, we brought in the Matrix SandStone CO2 Fractional Laser.   

Quanta System S.p.A

Quanta produces lasers and laser systems for a wide range of scientific, medical and industrial applications.  Quanta System S.p.A. was founded in 1985.  Today, with over twenty years experience in the design of laser sources and laser systems, it is a global company founded on a myriad of local expertise: Italian creativity and research, the methodology and tradition of the German optics industry, American-style Oriented Marketing, and the successful Spanish distribution model.  DNA Laser Technology is not just a marketing promise: it's also a way of thinking, working, and creating values to be shared. It is a concrete and profound commitment, the corporate policy of an expert and determined group which makes technological research its own mission every days.

Light series is the latest multifunctional short and long pulsed laser platform introduced by Quanta System on the market.  It is based on the combination of different laser sources such as Alexandrite (755 nm) and Nd:Yag (1320 nm, 1064 nm and 532 nm).  Light 4V is the most powerful “Clinic in a System”® device available on the market. No other laser can be compared, in terms of flexibility of use.  The Light Series is totally configurable: one to five wavelengths, for hair removal, skin rejuvenation and tightening, leg veins, vascular and pigmented lesions removal, acne and scars management.  Configured with a Twain IPL makes this one of the most versatile and most popular aesthetic devices available on the market today.  A new patented skin rejuvenation procedure that can reduce wrinkling and skin imperfections while giving you a smoother, younger look.


Thermolysis can treat numerous conditions including rosacea, spider veins, milia, acne, skin tags, and cholesterol deposits as well as providing painless hair removal. It is a minimally invasive procedure, which uses tiny probes on or just under the surface of the skin to dehydrate and remove skin conditions using a minor current. A new patented skin rejuvenation procedure that can reduce wrinkling and skin imperfections while giving you a smoother, younger look.