Barelaser Celebrates 3 Years with Quanta USA

Posted May 2014


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3 years of Success for Pam Archer and her Quanta Light A Star
Author: Niki Sparks - Quanta USA

Pam Archer is still growing her aesthetic business in the Denver area with the Light A Star she purchased when BareLaser opened their doors in 2011.  We were glad to help celebrate her 3rd anniversary with a Q & A to help others who may be considering the opportunities in the industry.

Q:  Congratulations on your 3-year anniversary!  How have these first few years been from a business standpoint?

Thank you!  I can’t believe it’s already been 3 years! Time in this industry goes fast and changes are happening every day.  The laser clinic that is able to keep up with the changes in the market place is most apt to succeed.  Every year the business has grown. The Internet coupon sites drove the cost of the procedures very low, but we have seen the “daily deals” popularity decrease and prices starting to come back up.  Most of the clinics doing these daily deals were not using the correct equipment, hence results were not what the clients expected.

Q: What procedures are the most popular in your clinic?

If I were to rank the procedures in order of popularity it would be: hair removal, Botox & fillers, and CO2.  This ranking also has to do with affordability from the consumer perspective.

Q:  What laser equipment do you use?

My favorite is the Quanta Light A Star due to all the capabilities it has, and the overall quality of the machine.  It does hair removal for ALL the skin types we see, pigmented and vascular lesions.  The ability to control the pulse rate and pulse duration has provided outstanding results to our clients.  In addition, the Quanta laser saves me time when doing large areas for hair removal (backs, chests, legs and arms).

Q:  How has your experience been in working with Quanta?

The folks at Quanta have been fantastic!  Quanta lasers are the gold standard in the laser industry with regards to quality. The technician who performs yearly maintenance on our Light A Star says that I work it like a dog, and can’t believe how many pulses I have used.  I rarely have issues with the Quanta Light A Star.

Q:  Would you recommend a Quanta laser to someone starting a med-spa?

Absolutely! I have colleagues in this industry that purchased or leased other brands, and they are always replacing lamps or parts due to the quality of their laser. I have not had any of these issues.

Q:  Any words of wisdom for someone entering the medspa industry today?

Do your homework.  Call folks who use lasers and talk candidly with them.  Small businesses take 3-5 years to establish a practice and make it to profitability.